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Hello! I'm Laura.

Hello! I'm Laura, your new dietitian bestie, helping you overcome your unhealthy  relationship with food and those, sometimes, crippling body issues! I’ve been in this dietitian space working with women just like you since 2015! I am a mom of two little boys.  Well one is not so little anymore. My oldest boy will eat anything and the second one will hardly eat, let’s just say I have learned tried and true methods on feeding him and love to help others feed their picky eaters too! I am passionate about helping women just like you who are struggling with food and body issues because I also struggle with all the many pressures society puts on us as women.  Over years & years of  helping others and really learning to help myself I have created many tools to help you overcome the negative thoughts surrounding food and our bodies. I very much enjoy sharing everything I’ve learned along the way with you so that you can find food freedom and truly live the life you were meant to live! I know firsthand how you feel  because I have been on my own wellness and healing journey after going through some tough times in my life and am continually trying to be a better version of myself. It’s time for you to be the best version of yourself too!  Let me help you have a healthier relationship with food and your body!

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