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It's Okay To Not Do It All

Updated: Apr 18

Let's give ourselves permission to not be perfect despite what society tells us.

I have been constantly asking these questions to myself for the last couple days. Why do I need to feel to continue my life as normal when in our circumstances everything is but normal? Why do I feel the need to get all the house projects done I have ever wanted to get done just because we are stuck in our house? Why can’t I use this time to really learn and play with my kids instead of feeling like I am behind with my life?

I have realized when analyzing these questions that a huge part of my worries come from comparing and the do it all mentality. Yes, others are more advanced in their private practice careers than me and yes that is okay. Yes, others are more social than me and that is okay too. But if all that is okay then why is it so hard to solely put time into my children and why do I feel like I am getting behind in life? Especially because when I examine my values my family is the first to come into importance, so why can’t I be content with putting them first?

Many of us as women feel we need to be the perfect mother/partner/sister/daughter/friend/ person while excelling in a career and having a social life. This means our living spaces need to be decorated perfectly and spotless, our meals need to be homemade and nutritious, our bodies need to be to society’s standards as well as our hair and skin, our inner social circles need to be tight and reached out to often and the list goes on and on.

During this quarantine when emotions are running high with every family member I have FINALLY realized that this is not possible and it is 100% OKAY. So let’s all do ourselves a huge favor and give ourselves some self-care and self-compassion and think of what is really important, what brings us joy, and do that. Let’s be okay with letting things go and being more mentally sane because of it. Let’s lighten our loads and free ourselves from the restraints we and society put on us. Let’s free ourselves from the comparing. Let’s ditch our feelings of not having to do it all. After all, we are all in this together!

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