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Hello, it's been awhile!


Hello! It has been so long since I have written anything so I thought I would start with my new vision! Many of you know that I have been home with Ben since he was born which has now been almost 3.5 years. It was a hard decision for me as I do love working and loved my co-workers even more. However for many reasons the overall stress of working for someone other than myself really took its toll on me. During this time I have missed being a Dietitian. I thought doing my own telehealth business would fill this void. Turns out I suck at marketing myself and had absolutely no desire to do so and I also didn’t enjoy facilitating help through the computer. I much prefer one on one interactions in person so this route didn’t really fare well for me. The silver lining was that I found I did really enjoy writing so here I am still blogging. I love writing about real world stuff beyond nutrition such as being a mom trying to navigate adolescence and a very stubborn and strong-willed toddler. I am also hoping to become bold enough to share my life’s journey regarding healing and trying to become a better human. My short term goal within this blog is to be vulnerable and real in my writings to share with you in hopes that you can relate. It’s a scary world to put yourself out there and I feel as though the pandemic has made that feeling so much worse. Despite that, writing does bring me joy and is an important creative outlet for me that I have neglected for too long. So here’s my go at getting out of my comfort zone to do some self-care and hopefully you enjoy it as well!

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