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The Struggle with Quarantine Fatigue

The struggle with quarantine fatigue is real. Here are some tips I have found to be helpful for myself.

With self-isolation continuing and the continuation of cancelled plans and trips I have noticed that the lack of desire to get out of bed every morning is apparent. Normally, I love my routine of getting up before the kids and having some peace and quiet in the morning. Starting my morning out with some movement and meditation normally makes me feel great but lately it sounds so unsatisfying that I would rather lay in bed and mindlessly scroll through my phone. The feelings of excitement and nourishment I once felt about meal planning, cooking and eating have now disappeared like the rolls of toilet paper in the grocery store. I am now grabbing any food that’s in front of me in hopes of those feelings returning, but it does not. All the pleasure I used to find in many things have diminished and it is so frustrating! Based on chats with friends I am not alone. This quarantine fatigue is real and it’s okay.

I get caught up in the fact that I have so many things going for me during this time and it’s not right for me to complain. Then I give myself some grace, kindness and self-compassion and tell myself that it’s okay to feel grateful for the things you have and be upset and frustrated at the same time. It’s okay for me to grieve the loss of normalcy that was once my life and it’s okay to struggle coping with the new normal.

I know I am not alone in feeling this way and want to let you know as well that it is okay to be grateful AND frustrated. It is an important part of self-compassion that can get you through a lot in life. Feelings and emotions are complicated and it’s important to be kind to yourself when emotions are ubiquitous.

Some things I have found help me rise up from the quarantine in the morning are:

  1. Keeping a list in my planner. I love lists and being able to check things off. Even if I put shower and my child’s school (which has to get done) as a to do it helps me get up and do those things so I can have the satisfaction of getting my list done.

  2. Thinking out of the box for things will bring me joy. Simply being able to get my movement and meditation done before my kids are up doesn’t cut it for me anymore but adding a guilty pleasure show during that time gets me motivated to get up.

  3. Keeping the dialogue going with a trusted person/people. I have been trying hard to talk openly and often with my husband about how I am feeling which is something that benefits us both. Also, my friends and I are talking more than we ever have through chats and video meeting apps. I love seeing them more and hearing that I am not alone in my feelings.

  4. Bubble baths. Taking a bath is my favorite way to get some alone time and unwind and relax.

  5. Being kind to myself. This means giving myself permission to lay in bed until the kids get up and not feel guilty on days I need it. Also, talking positively to myself and assuring myself it’s okay to not be okay. Another way is asking for help when I need it. If it’s a particularly hard homeschool day I will ask my husband to finish the assignments with my son when he gets home from work or let him know I need a bubble bath break even though it may not be the easiest moment to let him alone with the kids.

If you are struggling with the quarantine fatigue please know that you are not alone. These are the times that make us stronger people. Some day we will all be looking back at these moments and wondering how we ever made it through!

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1 Comment

Unknown member
Jan 05, 2022

Beautifully written! Glad you are back doing what you love to do and helping others while doing it.

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